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1. What is the motivation behind this display? Whose idea is this?

It is said that 'art inspires art'. We were inspired by the 'Emergency Art Museum' that sprung up near Jack Fisher Park and wanted to do our own bit to cheer up the neighborhood during these mundane days.

2. Is there a theme or a message?


Our message is simple: 'The world is worth the wait'. We want to share our appreciation for the beautiful planet we live on and urge everyone to 'stay safe, stay inspired & be patient' until the pandemic is over.


3. Are these paintings?


No, these are original photographs printed on various media such as canvas, metal and high quality archival photographic paper.


4. Did you take these photos?


Yes, this is all original art! Here's a link to a larger photo portfolio:

5. How long will you keep this pop up display?


The Pop-Up Photo Exhibit has ended as of June 13th 2020.

6. Do you leave them up in the night?


The canvas and framed photographs (barring the metallic prints) are not waterproof. Initially, we used to take them down after Sunset and put them up again in the morning. Recently, we have weatherproofed and waterproofed most of the art and it stays up during the night.

7. Can I touch the photos?

Please don't! Practice social distancing and stay behind the barrier.

8. Are these for sale?

Normally, yes. If interested send us an e-mail at

9. Where else do you display these photos?

Normally, we participate in a few local art shows. As you'd expect, many of these have been canceled this year.


10. What do you guys normally do?


We are two guys with typical Silicon Valley jobs working on chip design and memory R & D, respectively. We are both Campbell residents. One of us also happens to be a photographer and the other has a nice large lawn at the end of a cul-de-sac. We'd be normally jogging or hiking a trail or visiting a state/national park enjoying the outdoors with our respective families. Since, these are not normal times, we thought about this display to brighten up our neighborhood.

11. Other questions?


Sure, send us an e-mail at

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